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Use these images for your Aruna Run fundraisers! They are perfect for social media posts to help raise awareness of the event and the fight to end human trafficking. Tip: Follow @arunaproject on Instagram, tag us and use #ForHerFreedom for a chance to get featured.

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Sample Captions

I am raising funds for freedom as part of my participation in our upcoming Aruna Run! The Run is hosted by the Aruna Project, a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to freeing, employing, and empowering victims of human trafficking. The best part is that 100% of registration fees and donations go to the cause – race expenses are covered by local sponsorship funds.

My fundraising goal is $500. Help me reach this goal by donating to my fundraiser on Race Roster. Any amount is impactful and appreciated.

Help raise funds for victims of human trafficking by joining my team for the upcoming Aruna Run! I am passionate about ending human trafficking and was inspired to register for the Aruna Run because 100% of registration fees and donations go towards the Aruna Project’s mission of freeing, employing, and empowering enslaved women. You also run or walk for an enslaved woman by name and receive updates on her freedom journey throughout the year.

I know so many of your hearts are as big as mine. So I’ve formed a team for the run and would love for you to join me! My team fundraising goal is $1,000. I know we can raise this amount together!! Just imagine how many lives this money will forever change.

There is strength in freedom! Join me in running or walking for freedom at our upcoming local Aruna Run and receive some amazing race swag — an athletic drawstring backpack and unisex gator. These giveaways are hand-made by freed Aruna Artisans. These items are Aruna Run exclusives, so you must register for the race to get them! Register now at

Calling all fiercely confident women! Register for our upcoming Aruna Run and get your athletic drawstring backpack and gator, hand-made by freed Aruna Artisans. Made with blue-sign certified fabric that can be tossed into the washing machine, you can wear these items with pride knowing that your race registration is helping to bring and sustain freedom to women in desperate need of new beginnings. Register today at #RUNforherfreedom

Be a powerful voice for change – help free, employ, and empower sexually enslaved women by participating in our upcoming local Aruna Run. Learn more and register at #RUNforherfreedom

Every step we take in an Aruna Run positively impacts the lives of human trafficking victims. We run or walk for an enslaved woman by name – like Asha – and receive updates on her progress towards freedom throughout the year. Join me in being a voice for these brave women who desperately need our help. Register for our local Aruna Run at #RUNforherfreedom

Sex trafficking is a problem in every country around the world, including right here in the United States. So why does the Aruna Project focus on India? Because the convergence of certain predisposing factors drastically increases Indian women’s risk of being trafficked for sex. These factors include poverty, gender inequality, violence, and lack of education. We run in Aruna Runs to give a voice to the voiceless, names to the countless, and power to the powerless. Register to run at #RUNforherfreedom


Video: Existence by Aruna Project